Friday, March 16, 2012

What's happening

Here I am using a cute baby as a lure.  This is John Thomas, my cousin's grandson and the latest addition to our family.  His great grandmother is holding him.  We had to wake him up for the photo and I had to take it quick.  He went back to sleep as soon as his photo op was over.  It was our first chance to meet him as he and his parents live in several hundred miles away.

Things are happening in my craft room these days.  I just don't have much to share quite yet.  We have card class coming up next week and all the cards are complete and cut.  One has already been on the blog and I'll get the others up after class.  Don't want to spoil the surprise for my ladies.

What I'm most working on this week are projects to submit for a design team.  I've never tried out for one before so I'm nervous about my projects.  I will share them after they are submitted and a decision made on the team.

Things are moving at a little slower pace also because I've picked up a new 'pain.'  I have a pinched sciatic nerve.  I'm not sure of the cause.  There are three possible culprits that I know of:  the egg crate I added to the bed about a month ago to help me sleep better. It really works with the sleep but I think it has made the bed too soft.  My doctor thinks it is my new car :-(  Of course my husband and I have considered this and I'm not driving it for a few days to see if things get better. We really like the new van but of course the seat is different; it rides lower to the ground than the old one, etc.  It is really easy for me to have bone, joint and muscle issues so this is a possibility.  Finally, it could be my arthritis - low back pain is nothing new.  I've just never had my left foot go numb before.  It is happening a lot when I sit and almost always now when I sit in any vehicle no matter what kind or whether I'm the driver or the passenger.  I drove my husband's truck to the doctor a couple of days ago and well, it wasn't good.

So one new thing has been added to my craft room - an old work table I used to have in my sewing room when we built the house.  When I started the window treatment business, my 8'x10' sewing room was way inadequate as was this table so I moved it to the basement and we built a much bigger work table. This little table has been collecting junk - ah, excuse me, my husband's important pinball paraphernalia.  It is the perfect height for a standing work surface; the little skirt even matches my upstairs bedroom.  So for awhile it is going to the already crowded craft room/guest bedroom so I can stand and craft at least part of the time.  I see a lot of craft room photos on-line where people having standing worktables only. I do this for my window treatments; we'll see how it goes for papercrafts.

Not being able to sit very long at a time is a real pain in every way!

Next week, I have a regular appointment with my acupuncturist I've been seeing for TMJ and also a physical therapy appointment.  One thing I got out of last year's expensive TMJ and muscle strain ordeals were lots of good resources.  I'm employing them early in the problem this time round.

And I've taken the egg crate off the bed, just in case.

Thanks for visiting.  Hope to have something crafty to share in a few days.


  1. Best wishes for your design team projects! Any team would be lucky to have you. Hope you are feeling much better soon, sounds like no fun.

  2. Awww what a little cutie.
    I hope you find out where the problem is originating from and rectify it.
    Nothing worse then being in pain.
    As for standing or sitting, I do both. I start by sitting, then end up standing because I put stuff on my chair, teehee.

  3. What an adorable little fellow! I bet he's the center of attention, and rightfully so!
    Hope you've found out what was causing the sciatic pain and have gotten some relief from it. Finally, good luck with your design team submissions! Your work is fabulous!


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