Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here Comes the Bride

And here comes the first wedding page from my stepdaughter Amanda's.   She's been married nearly two years now.  I'll probably do these pages a little at a time in with my other pages.

This will be the first page for the wedding in our album.  I guess it is an unusual choice to do a photo of the father-of-the-bride and the bride rather than the happy couple.  Since it is our album, the focus is a little different.  I'll have plenty of photos of the happy couple coming along.

Speaking of photos, the photographer she used did an amazing job.  I do not have her name as I post this but I'll be sure to get it so I can credit her work.  I think she was a friend of Amanda's.  I don't know if she has gone into wedding photography professionally or not.  If you are in the Little Rock area and want a wedding done, I'd be happy to get the name and info and pass it along.  She did such unusual angles and all the photos were just stunning.  It will be hard to choose which ones to print.

Anyway, for the layout I kept this very simple.  It may even be my first monochromatic layout ever!  Seriously, I love color.  The wedding colors were royal blue and teal so I'll get lots of chances to work with colored papers and ribbon, too.

The little flowers are petals pulled off a silk geranium stem from Hobby Lobby.  The half pearl centers are from Stampin' Up! as is the designer paper.  I'd been saving that paper forever to do some other pages but figured there was plenty to go around.

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  1. This is a beautiful layout Lisa!! I love seeing different photos from wedddings.

  2. I love it! When you say "our" album, do you mean that you are doing an album for her wedding for yourselves? Or do you mean that these layouts will go in an album with other non-wedding layouts of yours?

    1. These pages will go into our album of other activities from that year. I did the same with her sister's wedding in 2006.

  3. Beautiful page! I love the different fonts and colours in the title and the trail of flowers is so stunning!

  4. Very elegant layout and perfect for a wedding!

  5. That is a fantastic photo and a very classy layout! Looks like the start of a very special album.

  6. I love that the page/focus is of the bride and her father.. And its a gorgeous page, too.

  7. Such a beautiful layout.
    I like how the flowers float down, so pretty.


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