Sunday, March 4, 2012

Grandma's Kitchen - Using a 70's Photo

Oh, what a timely topic Glitter Girl has at Two Peas this week - scrapbooking 'vintage' photos.  Last weekend, I sorted out some of my old family photos and did some prints from ones I'd scanned years ago.  Here I am sitting at my grandmother's kitchen table eating of my all time favorite treats, ice cream!

Glitter Girl's lesson was on choosing colors complimentary to the typically warm or dark photos from the 70's, 80's and 90's.  I chose the ivory background October Afternoon papers and lots of warm orange to go with the table cloth and the stained cabinets in the photo.  This is a reprint of a 70's photo.  I'm not sure where the original is and I don't think I would use it in this case.  There is another story to tell with this particular picture so it is likely to get used again anyway.

The story today is the memories I have of Grandma's kitchen.  She was either in there or her garden just about all the time and something good was usually on the table.

The jouraling reads:

I can still smell the kitchen, not the food, but the kitchen itself.  The aromas from the twice daily homemade biscuits she taught me to make and I’ll never duplicate, the fried chicken cooked thoroughly every Sunday, the pickles canned each summer, and the cakes Margie crafted on weekends when she was home seeped into the pores of the cabinets Grandpa custom built.  There was even a special bin for Grandma’s flours.  The windows lining two walls always made it bright.   Some type of bread or sweet was ready on the counters or the round dining table’s built-in lazy Susan.  When I stayed with them on summer weekends or while my parents traveled annually, I got one dish of ice cream a day, too.  I used to pretend it was an exotic dish like the ones my parents were no doubt having in Mexico or Europe.  During a meal, my grandmother stood and served; she only sat down to eat after everyone finished.  Margie tried to teach me to cook in this kitchen and I guess a little of it sunk in along with the memory of those wonderful aromas and the warmth from my grandmother’s smile.

Margie was my mother's oldest sister who patiently tried to teach me to cook and sew.  I did learn a few things fortunately that I carried on to my experiments in my own kitchen.  I made biscuits for lunch today.  They were good but nowhere near Grandma's.

Thanks for visiting today!

Ingredients:  DSP:  October Afternoon 5 and Dime and Thrift Shop collections; Crate Paper Farmhouse Collection
Cork accent: Pink Paislee 365 Degrees
Baker's Twine:  Enchanted Evening from Papertrey Ink
Letters:  Actopus to Zelephant by K and Company
Stickers:  Basic Grey Periphery Collection


  1. I really like your scrapbook page - it's very pretty!

  2. I like the colors you chose to go with your photo. It's nice that you included sucah a detailed story after all these years. Great job!
    Gina M

  3. I really love this page - I'll have to try to copy it :)

    Love looking at old pics and remembering.

  4. I really love your scrapbook page, but what I love the most is the story behind it.
    My grandparents passed away so young, but I did get to visit my one grandma every few years, but wish I had memories like you do with yours. That is so special.

  5. Wow, your timing is perfect! You and Glitter Girl must have some kind of ESP going, lol. Lovely page, such great journaling!

  6. This is so pretty! I love your came out great Lisa! TFS!!!

  7. I love your page Lisa. Really like the color scheme.

  8. love this layout Lisa and alos the story to go along with it-wish we lived closer-would love to drop by and have soe mbiscuits with you-they sound so yummy

  9. Your page is really pretty, Lisa,and your journaling is fantastic. It feels like I've been there :) Thanks for sharing this piece of your childhood.


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