Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TIPsy Tuesday - Favorite Embellishment Storage

Today's tip is to shop the tool section of a discount store for storage.  This is my absolute favorite small item storage system.

I believe this came from the home tool section at Walmart.  I have another one I use in my workroom that came from Sears tool department long before I started my business.  It hold buttons, needles and stuff.  These little drawers are ideal for holding papercrafting embellishments.

Embellishments that go with a collection are typically stored with that collection.  All the others go here:  buttons by color, grommets and most of my Stampin' Up! embellishments, binder clips, etc.  I keep it right over my worktable so they are handy.  The drawers are removable.

Sitting on top is this little cat.  He/she has it's own story.

When my husband and I first started dating over 20 years ago, he had to go on a business trip and came home with this little cat to perch above my desk at home and watch over me.  Lenny said he had seen these before but could never find one when he wanted to buy a special gift for a cat lover. But on this trip, right after dating me, he easily found the cat in a small town gift shop.  (I think he saw it as a sign.)  The little kitty has watched over one desk or another of mine for 20 years now.

If only the little kitty could talk... she could tell me where my glue dots got off to this time :-)

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  1. I love your cat and even nicer that it has such a special story all of its own.

  2. Great tip, Lisa! I agree, some of the best craft storage units come from other departments of a store. Your kitty is just adorable and what great memories it holds.

  3. thanks for this tip lisa-I am lookingfor practical ways to store buttons and other stuff-how do you store pearls?


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