Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TIPsy Tuesday - Ribbon Stretching

I'm stingy with my ribbon.  Sometimes I'll wrap the ribbon all the way around a card and tie a big bow but not that often.  Mostly I hoard my ribbon like it was gold.  Here are some ways to make a punch with a little bit of ribbon.

  1. Wrap the ribbon around one element of the card then tie twine around the ends to finish it off.

  2. Place ribbon across entire card but taper ends rather than wrapping.  Attach with glue dots.

  3. Tie a bow and glue it on.

  4. Tie a knot and glue it on.

  5. Fold ribbon under a fancy brad.  (This was a masculine card).

  6. Have ribbon go across card but not be tied - the Baja ribbon in this case.   "Tie" with another companion color - the black gingham

  7. Tie two companion ribbons together - in this ex:  Kiwi Kiss satin and Kiwi Kiss grosgrain stripe.
  8. Use staples to attach small amounts of ribbon to a card.  These were attached with Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher but I've often used a regular stapler:

And this card I made for a challenge last week uses the wide striped ribbon from Stampin' Up!  I cut the ribbon in half lengthwise with pinking sheers.  Then I only wraped the ends around the card.  The card was finished on the inside with a liner paper. 

Happy Tuesday!  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. You do hoard your ribbon, LOL.
    I used to hoard alot of my supplies (I still do to a certain extent) but it just gives me reason to buy more :)
    But I do keep a lot of scraps, this is perfect for my scraps of ribbon.

  2. So many wonderful ideas to help stretch our precious ribbon. Great post, Lisa!


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