Friday, April 30, 2010

Pretty Fabric Patterns

Pattern paper isn't my only patterned passion.  My first love was beautiful patterned fabrics.  I love it when a customer selects a pretty floral print like the chintz in the center of these pillow shams and on the window treatment below.  The fabric has 4 distinct floral designs spread througout that made it easy to use in creative ways. 

Originally the "back" of the shams shown above were supposed to be just a stripe fabric with something fairly solid for the placket covering the zipper.  But it as just too boring, too much stripe, too something.  And that pretty floral which covers the entire front side of the sham just called out to be combined with the stripe.  I had a yard of a fabric I'd bought for my own use years ago but never had done anything with.  My client loved the large green check portion so it got thrown into the mix along with a little cording made from the same fabric as the coverlet.  The resulting 4 fabric pillow shams are shown above.  I also did the little decorative pillow using some more of these fabrics and a pretty bullion fringe. 

A close up of the matching window treatments shows a little more of the pretty pattern fabric.  My customer and I love the same colors so this job was a particular joy to complete.


  1. Oh this is so pretty. I love those curtains.

  2. the pillow shams and the valance are so beautiful Lisa-thanks for sharing


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