Friday, April 16, 2010

a good read

I've been very busy this week doing my regular job.  I'm so happy to have new customers as well as regular clients sprucing up their homes!

Of course, more work means less play time so I haven't made many cards or any pages this week.  I did print out some photos from a Project 365 page and that is as far as that has gotten. I've also been cutting papers for Stamp Class on Saturday. 

Did want to share a book I read recently - Once in a Blue Moon by Eileen Goudge.  I've read most of her other books.  Many are set in Northern California.  We are planning to visit friends there later this year.  It is such a charming and beautiful part of the country. 

Anyway, the book looks at the lives of two sisters who went into foster care at the same time and ended up on very different paths.  They are reunited years later when both need the other's support.  I don't have siblings so I'm always intrigued by these relationships. 

I picked up a book of John Grisham short stories, Fort County, at the library this week.  His characters are so real; however, I'm not going to read it before bed tonight.  You wouldn't believe the dreams I had last night - chilling.  Guess I'll just have to browse some blogs before bedtime  :-)

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