Friday, April 10, 2015

Winter Page - Bright

I have a couple of winter themed pages to do with photos taken at the same location.  I'm telling different stories and want to convey different moods.

For this first one, it is a happy page sharing my walking wardrobe for the winter. One thing I'm especially good at is selecting coats.  I wear them for years and years so that is a good thing. This jacket was to replace one I got just before my husband and I honeymooned in the Candian Rockies in 2001.  Back then, styles were a lot bigger and while I still have and wear that coat, I wanted something a bit trimmer and warmer for our walks.  This jacket from Academy Sports and Outdoors is the perfect weight for our weather and I love the color.  Upper 40's is about as cold as we can stand it anyway.  (Yes, all of you New Englanders and Upper Midwesterners can laugh at me now!)

My husband has long sung the merits of mittens for keeping your hands warm in winter.  Apparently no one in retail here has heard him as they are impossible to find locally.  I ordered these from Land's End.  Honestly, I'm not sure they are better than the knit gloves I got at Steinmart for $7 but they are cute and worked fine.  The important thing is that we walked as much as we could.

It is ironic that I am posting this on the first day I've worn shorts this year. :-)

For the page, I used Silhouette chevron cuts and some MME 6x6 paper.  The kraft background is Bazzil spritzed with Studio Calico Honor Society mist.

Watch at YouTube:


More sketches here.

I'll have another page coming along with a very different tone though the photos are taken at the same place.

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  1. Lisa this is another great layout - love the patterned chevrons

  2. Do you use page protectors on the pages? If so do you use them on the interactive ones too? When you want to read the booklet or what's in the pocket it seems like it could damage the page. If you don't use page protectors how do you put the pages into the book? I'm new to scrapbooking . Thanks for sharing your thoughts and creativity.

    1. I do use page protectors now. Many of my old albums are Creative Memories without the page protectors (for those, you glued the background paper to a page in the album). For this page, there is nothing hidden so no issue with the page protector. When there is something interactive, sometimes I cut out a part of the page protector; other times I just pull the page out when I want to look at the hidden journaling. In my case, our albums are mostly for us and aren't viewed by a lot of people so I think it depends on your situation.

  3. Sweet layout…but where is the snow..I thought this was a winter page ;)
    I asked my husband what 40F is in Celcius and it is just over +4…he said that is shorts weather here, lol
    As I disagree with him…I still think it is light jacket weather here.
    Funny how the human body adapts to where you live.

    1. Ha, Ha! Yes, I know we are wimps when it comes to weather. We did have one snow and I have lots of pictures as that is quite an event here so that will probably be two page spread!

  4. Gorgeous layout - looking cozy in the photo! :)


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