Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Scrabble Tiles and Flowers Canvas - Shopping Video

Congratulations, David and Ada who were married on Valentine's Day!

My cousin had a second wedding reception this weekend so all his relatives here could attend.  I made their canvas with a Valentine theme and tried to add some things that would fit their lives and personalities.  He flies his own plane so there are a couple of planes on the top.  The "OK" is significant to the bride and groom in both the proposal and the wedding vows.  I used some technical type book papers that I hope signify his business.

The Scrabble tiles were sent to me to try out and evaluated by Clever Crafting.  The set has all the Scrabble tiles in the same number of each letter you would get in the game so you get a lot of vowels but only one each J, K, Q, X and Z.  The set also has one of each number and some extra fun tiles.  You can see a couple of those on the canvas - the heart and the little ring.

 The bride told me that they play "Words with Friends" all the time so these proved to be just perfect.

They can change the photo out as they wish.  It slides out on the right side.  I do these types of canvases on my Etsy shop - Lovely Layers Art.

If you would like to find the tiles, check them out here. (I have no financial interest in this.  Just passing it along if you are interested.)

Also in this 'shopping video' is info on the flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts.  Great flowers, fast and cheap shipping.  I've been very pleased with them.

Watch at YouTube

Thanks for visiting today!  New layout video coming soon.


  1. Beautiful canvas. Love that your cousins can change the photo too!
    Very pretty flowers!

  2. this is really beautiful Lisa-such a fabulous gift for the bride and groom-I like the fact that you can change out the photo as well

  3. This is fantastic, Lisa! So many thoughtful details went into this. So, so beautiful!

  4. Lisa, this is a beautiful canvas! Thanks for sharing the video!


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