Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tuesday Morning Finds

I've only had a few minutes now and again to pop into a store and check out the scrapping goodies.  I spotted a Tuesday morning the other day and popped in to see if they had any drinking glasses I liked.  Ours have gotten to be so few and with chips in so many of them, my husband actually told me to replace them.  Mind you, he typically shies away from anything to do with even choosing household items.  I'd been looking for the perfect glasses for 2 years to replace the ones from Crate and Barrel I ordered when we moved into this house over 20 years ago.  I still hadn't found any but thought Tuesday Morning might have some.

I did buy some glasses and what do you know?  Just a few feet on down that same aisle was scrapbooking stuff!  Our Tuesday Morning closed a couple of years ago and they never had scrapbook stuff anyway.  So I quickly sifted through the Thickers and a few other things.

Also, at JoAnn's I got a couple of Tim Holtz metals and some new paint.

Here are the goodies at YouTube:

Thanks for watching!  I hope to see you on National Scrapbooking Day this Saturday.

1 comment:

  1. Wow you got some good stuff! I wish we had something like Tuesday Morning here!


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