Friday, April 24, 2015

Calming Chaos

If you could look closely at the photo in this layout, you would see a very messy craft room.  The title might lead you to think that I was capturing how I would organize my craft space.

Actually the title is about how the craft room and all the mess is actually a calming factor in my life right now.  We are going through a lot of medical issues and have been for a couple of months.  Being a caregiver often means really being organized and some of my chores involve keeping things sterile.  My craft space is in the only room on our 2nd floor and seldom is anyone up there but me.  So I can be as messy as I want and it doesn't matter at all.

I haven't had as much time in my craft room lately, but when I do I work on layouts or sometimes just play.  The photo was taken after I'd been doing a lot of gelli prints.  I was making some of them for a particular project but still I wasn't too concerned about perfection and order.  That was nice.

For the layout, I went through many of the gelli prints in my stash and ended up using a piece of printed tissue paper.  It is just ordinary white wrapping tissue from the dollar store.  I don't show how I created this particular print but how it is used.

Here's the video at YouTube:

Thanks for watching!  Videos may be sporadic over the next few weeks but I still plan to do as many as I can.


  1. I"m sorry you and your family are going through some health issues. I hope things get better soon. You've made some great prints with your gelli plate.
    Great LO! I really like all the circular elements you used

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  3. It's just really hard to go wrong with circles, isn't it? I really love them with just about everything. Your Gelli print looks great, too! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I'm glad your scrap room is a calming space for you. You need calm and time away when you're a caregiver. Loving all of the circles and the mixed media work. :) I'm glad my post today reminded you to let your kitty in. LOL!


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