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Welcome!  If you are new here, let me tell you a little about my blog, YouTube channel and newsletter.  I also have two classes and e-books available.

On the blog, I post almost every papercraft I create - mostly scrapbook pages these days.  I also do some cards and mixed media.  Many projects also have a process or technique video on...

YouTube.  My YouTube channel is   Each week, I have at least one video.  Most are process videos with several technique videos, too.  Occasionally, I do a shopping video.  It is very important to me to focus not just on the HOW but the WHY I do what I do.  There is no right way to scrapbook.  I just like sharing my methods and ideas and love watching other papercrafters' videos as well.

Newsletter.  Recently, I started a monthly newsletter.  This one is definitely news.  While I do promote my classes and e-books, each month I share a tip and an exclusive subscriber-only video.  So be sure to subscribe to the newsletter on the sidebar of my blog.  I will be resending June's newsletter with a video on die cut tone-on-tone background in the next few days to new subscribers.

Classes.  I spent many years as a corporate trainer and I love to teach which is why I started doing YouTube videos.  Last fall, I published my first class.  All are self-paced with tons of techniques and tips beyond the key points of the class.

Creative Cardstock
Cardstock is something almost every scrapbooker has and I bet you don't think too much about it.  Yet there is gold in those pages.  Inexpensive and available everywhere, cardstock is the ultimate supply.  See how creative you can be with this versatile supply.  Over 2 hours of video instruction, 10 sketches and PDF's.  More info here.

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Two Page Terrific
Two pagers have their own challenges for scrapbookers.  Let's tackle them in this 7 lesson class with over 2 hours of instruction.  Lots of layouts and sketches with many extra tips relevant to any type of page.  Find out more about the class here.

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A Year in Sketches:  52 Scrapbook Sketches 2013
As you have seen, sketches can really set you free to be more creative.  Each of these sketches used in my 2013 YouTube process videos is now in one collection in order by the number of photos.  There is a link back to the process video.  It's a great reference to get you unstuck or just to save some time when scrapping.  More details here.

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No Photo?  No Problem!  
This project is very dear to me as I have so few photos from my childhood through my 20's.  We just didn't take pictures and the ones we did seemed to have gotten lost along the way.  Sometimes I still miss the opportunity to take a photo.  So I had to come up with ways to work around having the perfect photo.  The class has no-photo pages and pages with all kinds of photos substitutes to still tell your story even without the perfect photo.  More details here.

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6x6 Paper Pads for 12x12 Pages
Did you enjoy the Sketchbook Secrets Scrapinar?  I hope so, I enjoyed created the projects and video.  Last June, I did my first Scrapinar for Lain on using 6x6 paper pads for traditional scrapbooking.  Lots of layouts and tips are packed into this Scrapinar.  It is available here:

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On the sidebar, you will also find links to Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Facebook.  When I update the blog or YouTube I post to Twitter and Facebook so you can follow along on your preferred social media.

Thanks so much for visiting!  It is so wonderful to have a hobby where you can share your passion with so many other creative people, isn't it?


  1. Congratulations Lisa! Loved watching your scrapbooking process tonight.

  2. Lisa, the seminar was awesome and I was so glad that I was able to make it. Makes me look at my sketches in a whole new way. Thanks!

    1. I'm glad you made it too. I was happy to see your name on the screen as we went along. It moves so fast, I didn't get to read all the chat. Thanks!

  3. I think your blog is really great, congrats!


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