Tuesday, July 1, 2014

For his Service - Sketch and Video

In April, our family gathered to celebrate my uncle's World War II military service. This seemed like the perfect page to share on this week of national holidays.  His wife is my Dad's sister.  She has told me stories of her husband's time in service and how she lived in California for awhile when he was stationed there and where she lived and worked locally waiting on her husband to return home.  They married in early February 1942 just before he shipped out.  He left the Army Air Corps in 1949 thus the 65th anniversary of his service.

Fred is now 98 and still quite 'with it.'  The wheelchair is mainly for getting out. At home I think he can still get around without it.  And he certainly doesn't look his age. Whatever 98 is supposed to look like, this isn't it.

I'm not a particularly good photographer so whenever I take a decent photo, I'm inordinately proud.  I really like this one of him with the flowers in the foreground.  Also on the page are photos of Fred's grandson who is still in the military and his young daughter the real star of the evening.  Most of us were meeting her for the first time and she is a charmer - when she was still - which wasn't often.  Her dad tells me she is fearless so perhaps she will be the 4th generation of the family to serve who knows.

Anyway, for the page, I used some patriotic stickers from Echo Park.  I'm not a big sticker person, but in the spirit of using our stash this summer, I thought I'd try doing a page with a lot of stickers that didn't look overdone.  I hope it worked.  There are 5 major stickers from the sheet on the page and a couple of small stars.

To balance the stickers I have some plain wood veneer pieces and a lot of neutral cardstock.  Oh, where would I be without my cardstock!

This page has a new sketch and a process video:

Video at YouTube:

Thanks to all who attended the Scrapinar last night or who are catching the replay this week.  I had a lot of fun putting together my presentation.  I appreciate all your kind words.

If you are new here, check out this post with links to my YouTube channel, ebooks and classes:  Welcome post.

Hope you have a Happy Canada Day and Independence Day!


  1. I just watched the Scrapinar and loved it! I'm your newest follower. :)

  2. Awesome! I always love reading your stories!

  3. Lisa, I always struggle trying to use stickers on a layout. Your layout is great!

  4. This is a great layout and perfect for this time of year.
    Love the patriotic feel to this layout.
    Your uncle sounds like a special man, thank you for sharing this wonderful layout.

  5. Lisa, this is such a wonderful page! Your photo is great!


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