Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Layering and Outline Letters

This is one of my favorite pages this summer and the title isn't entirely true.

We like the Sea Shack.  Love it?  Well, I loved my lunch this year.  It's good.  I just don't love fried fish all that much.  Sometimes I have a craving. Lenny picked the Sea Shack this year.  The love title came from the Love Shack song which kept running through my head every time I worked on this page.

I used the page to talk a little about this restaurant and to catalog the other places we ate on the trip.  Hilton Head has over 300 restaurants according to Trip Advisor!  This includes fast food and coffee shops but there are many, many independently owned places on the island.  After over 20 years, I was amazed that we had never been to more than 1 of the top 10.  Our picks rank in the 30's and 40's and we thought they were great places.  So we have lots more to explore in coming trips.

Anyway, I do love the page because it uses one of my favorite paper pads from last year - Crate Paper's The Pier. I've been hoarding this and in keeping with this summer's theme, I'm putting it to good use.  Also, I really LOVE how the title came out on the Silhouette.

Now there may be other ways to do outline letters on the Silhoeutte.  I'm new to the machine so I don't know.  This is how I did mine.

1.  I typed my text "Sea Shack" and picked the font I wanted which is AR Christy.  That must have come with Windows 8 as it is new to me.
2.  Then I adjusted the spacing between the letters.  This is the Character Spacing option on the Text Style box that comes up when typing.
3.  Using the Offset window, I added the default .125" offset which creates a shadow around the letters.  Normally this is way too much offset for me.  Also this creates a separate layer so I usually move the offset letters away from the regular letters and cut them with two different pieces of paper.
In this case, I just left everything where it was and cut.

The machine cuts the outside and the inside of the letters leaving you with an outline.  You could adjust the amount of offset to get a thicker or thinner outline.  Step 2 is necessary so the letters don't overlap and you end up with letters all cut together.

This is all in the process video at YouTube:

I didn't create a sketch for this one ahead of time as I was just playing with the design as I went.  Another fun thing on the page are the vellum die cuts.  They are also Crate Paper but this year's Maggie Holmes line.

If you like sketches, the sketchbook for 2013 is still available here.  If you like 6x6 paper pads, the Scrapinar I did last year is found via the link in my sidebar.  We explored lots of different pages in the hour long Scrapinar.  

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  1. Lisa, love everything about this layout!

  2. This is really sweet combination of the Maggie Holmes embellies with the Pier paper. You definitely hit the "summer" theme page!

  3. Love the page and all your videos. We are planning a trip to NC to the Brevard area to see all the beautiful waterfalls and then on to Asheville to Biltmore in a couple of weeks. Do you have any suggestions of must see places in these areas? Thanks. Keep up the great ideas and layouts, you are so inspiring to me!! Lisa C, Henderson, TN

    1. Oh, goodness, you are going to one of the most beautiful parts of the state. I can't remember the exact waterfalls by name but I'm sure you have researched the ones you want to see. They are all so beautiful. My only advice on that would be to pay careful attention to how long the trail to the waterfall is to be and whether the road to the trailhead is paved or not. Then you can make decisions about what you want to see. There are plenty that are close to the road if you don't want to do a lot of hiking or more hiking if you like that. It can take longer to drive from place to place around Cashiers and Highlands than you might think. Checkout for restaurants in Asheville. One of my favorites is Tupelo Honey - either location but downtown is small and crowded. At Biltmore, I recommend the audio tour. Well worth a tad extra expense. You might want to go the gardens in the mornings and the house in the afternoon if it is hot. Then again, if you are tired, do the house, it is a must. Enjoy your trip!

    2. Thanks so much for the advise, I'm so excited. A girl I work with was over that way a couple of months ago and said it is beautiful. I love waterfalls and streams, especially the ones in the Smokies and I know these will be also. I thank you so much for all the videos and information you share on your scrapbooking pages and cards and crafting and all the stories of you life. Thanks again for the tips on our trip, I know we will enjoy it. Sorry I have to reply as Anonymous, but I don't have a blog or whatever else I need to have and that is the only choice it will let me reply as. Lisa C, Henderson, Tn

    3. If you like art, Asheville is a great place to be. There are lots of galleries, artist demos, etc. I love Grovewood Gallery, just below the Grove Park Inn. Most of their items are incredibly expensive, but I especially enjoyed the sculptures outside. (No demos there that I could see.) Very unusual stuff, but even my unsophisticated eye could appreciate it. They also have an antique car museum on-site. Hope you have a wonderful trip! Asheville is one of my favorite places, and I would go tomorrow if I could! Enjoy!

  4. Such a fabulous summer page, Lisa! Loving the layering and your fun title work!

  5. I love your lettering, it's so awesome! And ITA with the Love Shack song that would totally be what I was thinking.

  6. Great layout!
    I like your letters, so cool.
    I like the vellum die cuts and how with all you layering, your photos still take centre stage :)


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