Friday, July 25, 2014

A collaborative effort

It's a bit embarrassing for someone who used to help others pick out things for their house and even hang pictures for customers to have empty walls.  But I do, or I did.

A few years ago I redid our master bath including new wallpaper, but I never got around to putting anything on the walls.  Other than a framed mirror over the sink, the walls were completely bare.

While my husband was visiting his family, I did the background for a new canvas for the bath and got stuck on the saying.  I wanted something short from nature to go with the leaves.  Since my husband will see this as much as I do, I thought I'd get his input.

When he came home, I picked out several nature quotes I found on Pinterest.  But even before I got to them, he came out with this:

Cathedrals are where you find them.

Perfect for us as we find nature as beautiful as anything we humans can create.  OK, I guess there is a bit of irony there as I'm creating something nature inspired but anyway, it works for us.

My intent with the background was to be very neutral.  Ha!  I just can't do neutral.  I started with misted book paper and dress patterns and then added paint - a lot of paint.  It has more color than I planned but I think it is my favorite one so far. I like it so much I was tempted to just put it up without a quote or leaves but then went forward with the design.

With so much color in the background, I did the leaves mostly red to help them stand out. They are a layer of chipboard and a layer of pattern paper cut on the Silhouette and then Mod Podged and painted.

The tree branch is actually from our magnolia tree.  It was just lying there on the ground nice and handy only needing a bit of trimming.

So now the walls are not bare.  We have some cheerful color to greet us each morning.


  1. Wow! This is absolutely stunning! You're right about the beautiful background, but I'm glad you finished it with the leaves. It's a perfect mix of elements. Thanks for sharing! I know you'll love seeing this every day.

  2. OOOHHH!!! What a beautiful canvas!!! A window to the imagination...

  3. Wow, this will for sure brighten any wall. Love that you used a branch from your tree!


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