Thursday, June 19, 2014

Faith versus Fear

A light bulb went off the other day while I was on my walk.  I had been thinking about summer and fun things I wanted to do.  I was tempted to make a list but reluctant.  I just knew if I made a list something would come along to kill my plans.  I'm often like that in my personal life, not planning things anymore because someone will get sick, or something else will happen that keeps me from doing what I said I would do.

My revelation was that I never did that with my work and I still don't.  I committed to doing the Scrapinar on June 30.  Oh it crossed my mind that my father who was having some health issues in May could be having surgery (he isn't and is doing better) but I knew I could still prep for the Scrapinar.  I didn't worry about all kinds of other things that could come up.

I made a work commitment and I intend to keep it if at all possible.  I've always been that way about work.  I never took window treatment jobs with the idea I might not get them done.  I have taught training classes when I should have been in home in bed with a bad cold or when I was dead tired or when someone probably needed me somewhere else.  I learned early that when you make a commitment to a customer you honor it.

So why are I so shy about making commitments to myself?  Sure it is far more important to take my Dad to the doctor if he needs to go than to go to a movie. But I have a whole summer.  I can do more than one thing.  Just because something might happen doesn't mean it will.  And so the sentiment on this canvas is one I really need to work on.

And I came home from my walk and made that list of fun summer activities. So onto the project.

I started this canvas one day in April with no idea what I wanted to do.  I just wanted to play.

The background came out a bit busy so I turned to Pinterest for ideas on the foreground.  This piece by Jill Foster has been pinned in my Mixed Media board for a long time.  She used white for the leaves but you know how I like color so I did mine in a kiwi green.  It was bit bright so I went over it with some Peeled Paint ink mixed into Mod Podge.

The butterflies are cut on the Silhouette from some October Afternoon book paper printed pattern paper.  It had more stability than regular book paper and held up to several coats of Mod Podge after being stamped and having some white rubons.

The phrase is also from Pinterest.  I see this often as it hangs just outside the bathroom door.

This is one of those that the more I look at it, the more I like it.

And I really need to take this sentiment to heart.

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  1. Good for you! Enjoy doing the things on your list. Your canvas is absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. this canvas is so amazing! I just love all the colors and designs along with the theme. very lovely!

  3. This is beautiful.
    I love the happy colours and the dimension and the texture…actually I love it all.
    How true is that, that we seem to put our wants on the back burner.
    Good for you for realizing that and making your list :)

  4. Your canvas is beautiful, Lisa! And your sentiment is one that I need to work on as well. Happy summer, and thanks for sharing!


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