Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Roof Top Tour - 2 Page Layout and Video

Asheville's Biltmore used to call this the Roof Top tour.  Now it is the Architect's Tour.  I stuck with Roof Top as that is really why I took it to go out on the roof (or really the ledges).  Also, "Architect" was too long to fit in my space :-)

In the video you see that I started with a different color scheme and plan and changed it after finishing the modeling paste border.  I'm much happier with the final color scheme as the softer colors work better with the color of the house and the feel of the slightly cloudy, cool morning.  They seem to me a little dressier too.

As for the tour, I treated myself to this for my birthday this spring. My husband has been to Biltmore far more than he really wants and he isn't at all interested in hanging out on the ledges of any building.  I learned a lot about the architect, Richard Morris Hunt, and how the house was constructed.  I've been to Biltmore at least a couple dozen times but I still learn new things and see little touches here and there that I've missed.  It is an amazing design.  Whenever I watch Downton Abbey, it feels like I'm seeing the Biltmore come to life.

For the pages, I used one traditional 12x12 and one pocket page so I could fit in more 4x6 photos.  To created the border, I spread modeling paste over a Prima damask stencil.  It still amazes me that the heavier mediums like gels and paste work the best with stencils.  All of the journaling is on vellum to add to the soft feel.  The idea for the title work came from a layout in Sue Althouse's Perfect Your Process class going on now.

The stencil came in handy again to add just a touch of design and color to the lonely top of the left hand page.

Here's the video:

I didn't do a sketch for this one since I was working with the pocket pages and the left page was pretty simple.

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  1. We went on that tour and absolutely loved it! Phil got the best photos. You are right, when I watch Downton Abbey I often think of Biltmore.

  2. Beautiful layout.
    I love all the textures in this layout.

  3. What is the trick to printing on velium? Ive tried it and it turned into a smearing mess.

    1. I print on an ink jet printer (have used two different Epsons) and haven't had any problems with smearing as long as I let it dry. Set the printed copy aside as it takes a few minutes to dry.

  4. I've been to Biltmore many times, but I've never taken this tour. I'm not really sure I have the stamina needed to make it up that many steps! Nevertheless, you got some beautiful pictures and made a beautiful page to remember them by. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love the stenciled detail on here, Lisa. It's just like an architectural detail. Lovely pages!

  6. I know I always say this but I love watching the video for your creative thought process-this mixed media layout is fabulous

  7. What a great page. Really sophisticated; the modelling paste was a great idea. By the way, Bermuda Bay is back!

  8. I really like this double pager ! So nice and balanced, the photos are enhanced so beautifully...


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