Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Complementary Pages and going barefoot in public

In October, my parents celebrated their 55th anniversary.  My husband and I took them to the Grove Park Inn in Asheville for dinner.  Beforehand, we visited a couple of art galleries.  And in one of them, I ran around barefoot.

First, you should know that my mother is a very stylish woman.  She loves to shop for pretty clothes.  She maintains her figure and can wear clothes from many years past combined with more current fashions.  She really has a gift at putting together beautiful, if sometimes impractical, ensembles.  On the way to Asheville, she showed me her fabric covered pumps and matching bag she'd bought several years ago at a boutique.  She pointed to a shopping bag and said she'd brought along a change of shoes.

After the first gallery, she slipped off her pumps in the car; her pretty shoes were pinching her toes.  So I suggested her spare pair.  Turns out they were high heels too with even more pointed toes!  In the 2nd gallery, she said she was just going to slip off her shoes and go barefoot.  Well, this one had polished wood floors and I was afraid she would fall.  That is how, she ended up wearing my sensible and comfortable shoes and I went barefoot.  I spent most of my time ducking around corners trying to avoid the staff who must have wondered where this barefoot hillbilly had wondered in from.  Oh well, they probably weren't surprised when we didn't buy anything.  They couldn't expect us to afford art, if we couldn't manage shoes.

Regardless, we enjoyed the art.  Dinner at the Grove Park means a stunning view of the mountains and tons of food.

For the pages, I put together a mini kit of supplies using Webster's Pages Recorded collection in 6x6 and some 12x12 plus a bunch of other stuff.  I talk about this process at the beginning of the first video.  The hearts are from Maya Road and they combine with an old trim and some MME enamel dots.  The cork piece is Little Yellow Bicycle.  The trim is Lawn Fawn.

This burgandy mistable gave me a fit.  The video explains some of may challenges.  In the end, paint saved the day.

So here it part 1 which is selecting the materials and doing the top page:

And here is part 2, doing the gallery page:

And here is the sketch for part 1

The sketch for Part 2 can be found with this post as I've used it before.

Thanks for stopping by today!  You'll be happy to know that I haven't gone barefoot in public anymore - it's too cold.


  1. Such wonderful pages, Lisa! Love the story about the shoes. LOL!

  2. That's a great story! Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate 55 years. Lovely pages!

  3. What a wonderful the pages!

  4. Funny story! Great pages; I love the colorful fiber/trim!

  5. What a beautiful layout and a great story!

  6. Such a sweet and colorful layout. I love the photo of all of you together!

  7. Your layouts are lovely.
    I love the no shoe story. You are so sweet…but the question I have, did your shoes match your mothers outfit ;)


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