Thursday, November 7, 2013

Holiday cards - check!

Ok, this never happens.  I have my holiday cards done!  Not only my cards but my mother's cards as well.  While I always love doing them, it is so nice to not be under pressure to finish.

This year, I got an early start thanks to my Raisin Boat stamp rental subscription.  I've enjoyed the variety of stamps.  I do think though this will be my last month as I've completed Christmas and I don't think I would use the same sets enough each month to keep going.  For the holidays, I chose sets that had some coloring and just stamped up a bunch of images before returning a set.  I also used the subscription to add a few new images for our card classes this fall.

Also, I got a little smarter in that I didn't get hung up on a design that took hours and hours to make the cards.  It was tempting with this elf on the rooftop.  I CASEd this almost exactly from one on the site.  The difference is the roof.  Their card had individual shingles.  I did two like that and they were just too time consuming - and messy as I had to use a hot glue gun to get the shingles to stick after embossing all the edges.  Talk about putting in the hours!  I don't know exactly how they made their sample, but my best efforts at replicating it just took too long.  So I did 3 long shingles on each card and left it at that.  Plus I only did 8 of these for my cards and concentrated on other designs like the one on top that is mostly coloring with simple assembly.

Most of my cards this year feature these adorable little elves.  The 'snow' is using white fabric paint.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a great feeling to have these done, Lisa! Good for you! Love the cute little elf and the snow. :)

  2. Your great Christmas cards make me miss that I don't papercraft anymore. I love your blog and all you have to offer the crafting world! Thanks for sharing... meanwhile I will go back to my latest passion... quilting! Kathi

  3. Okay, I'm officially jealous. I have made a start, but have not a single card finished! Arrrgh! I do have a quick plan though, so...maybe this weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yeah! You must be so happy to have them ready to go. And they are all so adorable!

  5. oh I am so jealous (lol)-your Christmas cards are done-that is a biggie in my book-and I love the ones you are showing here-now you're free to decorate, bake or whatever else your holiday entails

  6. Congrats on finishing all of your Christmas cards :)
    I am such a procrastinator. I do have a layout I want for my cards…I think, lol.
    Cute cards as well, those elves are so cute.

  7. Good for you for keeping it simple! These are wonderful. I am almost done mine, too. I should be finished by the end of the week.


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