Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Repurposing Packaging

Just a quick tip today on repurposing your packaging.  Let's not tell my husband about this one, ok?  He's one of those guys who washes out jars and who saves every egg crate and oatmeal container because he can find something to store in it.  How many egg crates does one man need?  I'm more inclined to throw away almost all the packaging.  However, there are a few things I save.

I use the clear part of some of my packages as paint mixing trays.  This weekend I got in an order from Two Peas with some Basic Grey buttons and some Studio Calico wood veneer items.  Neither of these were put in reclosable packages so I removed them and put the buttons in my regular button storage.  For the little wood veneer stars, I used an old button/brad container from Stampin' Up!

I used the larger 'tray' above the very next day for mixing up some rust colored paint from orange and brown.  I love to work with raw chipboard, painting and stamping it to whatever color or pattern I'd like.

I have one drawer in my scraproom devoted to left over packaging so it doesn't get out of hand.  Oh, and I do keep the chipboard from paper pads and kits.  I use it for other projects and as part of my props when photographing cards and pages.

Here's a brief video on this to watch at YouTube

What do you save?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your reuse of items... I love saving the inside of my 12 x 12 layouts to use as masking for inking and stuff... also I reuse the 12 x 12 packaging to mail items to my bff! Have a blessed day... Kathi

  2. I repurpose items all the time. We buy Crystal Light packets in the gallon-size; they come in wonderful tall oval containers with lids. They're great for storing sponges for applying distress inks. I also have a couple of pimiento jars that make wonderful small jars with lids for embellishments. I've also used various plastic pieces for mixing paints. Re-purposing makes me feel better about all the packaging that gets thrown into the landfill! Ick!

  3. I save all my a fault.
    I just flattened over 10 corrugated cardboard boxes. 6 egg cartons filled with with dryer lint, as I was going to make some fire starters for camp.
    I do save a lot of packaging, but am trying to reuse it quickly or I will recycle it.

  4. You always share such great tips, Lisa! I wish I was a little better about repurposing items, but I mostly just save cereal boxes and the cardboard from paper packs.


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