Thursday, September 6, 2012

IN there?

"We have to go IN there?" my stepdaughter asked as we approached the petting farm.  "Of course" I said.  I'm thinking, "how else are you going to pet the animals?"  But then I knew my oldest stepdaughter wasn't going to touch any 4 legged creatures.  She is not fond of animals even dogs and cats.  Her kids particularly the oldest are far more curious about all kinds of creatures.

Nai Nai is a city girl through and through.  She starts petting a goat and says "I'm petting the horse."  Dillon loved all the animals.

Since Jaime's statement was most memorable, I used it for the title and put a lot of the design emphasis there.  A few buttons helped create a visual triangle.  

Speaking of animals, Lenny weighed our feline yesterday and he now tips the scales at 17 lbs!  Can anyone say "kitty diet."  He is still pretty active at only 4 years old so we will probably just keep a check on things for now.  He is due at the vets next month and I can find out if we need to be trimming down his meals.  His last weigh in was 15 lbs but I can't remember quite how long ago that was - more than a year.  I don't look forward to having to change out his food.  Dietary changes are no fun for any creature.  Oh well, a problem for another day.

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  1. Very cute page, love the title! Brings back some good memories of taking our son to the petting zoo, so many years ago. Good luck with your cat. We have one that got down to 7 pounds and needs to gain weight, while the other needs to lose. Still haven't figured out how to deal with that!

  2. your post title caught my attention and the story is too funny-this is a great layout and memory captured

  3. What a great page, Lisa. Love the title and the journaling!

  4. Teehee, such a great layout, love the reason behind it :)
    Awww poor kitty, I think if he is over 10 yrs old, let him enjoy his food, lol.


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