Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Photos for guides


Here's a little tip I stumbled on accidentally thanks to my friend Karen.  I made these photos of our glads and e-mailed them.  She commented how nice it was to see the close-up as it showed the shadow detail for coloring stamped flowers.

What a great idea to put into practice this summer.  If you have some flowers blooming in your yard or at a park near you, snap a few close-ups to aid in your coloring.  

I have a tendency to just color the image darker near the center and get lighter as I go out.  I know this is very unsophisticated but my coloring is definitely basic.  Perhaps this little tip can help me create more authentic flowers.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Nice tip! The colors in nature really are marvelous and intricate, so worth studying in detail.

  2. Beautiful photos.
    I had so many gladiolas and then one year not one:(
    Not sure what happened.

  3. Great tip, and beautiful photos!

  4. your glads are beautiful Lisa-we have them in our gardens as well-I have been enjoying them as cut flowers as well


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