Monday, July 2, 2012

Is it hot enough yet?

Don't tell my stepdaughters I admitted it, but it is HOT upstairs!  My guestroom/craft room was their bedroom when they visited during the summers years ago.  As teenagers they had to complain about something and their bedroom was warmer than the rest of the house so it got plenty of air play.  I didn't pay it much attention since I'd spent a lot of time at my grandparents house with an attic bedroom and no air conditioning!  We didn't even have heat in those rooms in the winter and I don't care how many quilts Grandma smothered me with, it was cold!  My husband grew up without AC, too.  The girls had the run of the house as well so they were only in that room from about midnight until whatever time they got up each day.  Yes, I guess I was the wicked stepmother.  (When my oldest has come to visit with her family, Lenny and I have taken the upstairs room and given them our bedroom as it has more space.  The upstairs is comfortable at night - at least I think so :-)

Well, now I'm up there during the day it is a bit warm.  Yesterday, I brought some things downstairs to work so I could craft in the cool.  I'll have this layout up tomorrow.

Hope you are staying cool and safe in this heat wave.


  1. Wonderful mix of patterns and colors on the papers showing there, Lisa! And I SO WISH that you could send some of that warm air and sunshine to Seattle. Our June was twice the rain we normally get and so cold. Here it is almost the 4th of July and it is raining and 55 degrees outside right now. :-(

  2. We did have air conditioning when we were young, but it was a window one and only cooled off the living room directly in front of my dad, lol.
    I have to admit, I would rather be warm then cold. But the older I get I am noticing the heat more then I used to ;)


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