Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Gift idea

After over 15 years of celebrating birthdays together, it is getting hard for my friends and I to find unique gifts.  We don't need things to sit around the house and if we do, we want to pick them out ourselves.  I took a cue from a gift my friend gave me years ago of a beach bag filled with goodies like nail polish, a beach read, a floppy hat, etc and got her some 'fun in the sun' things that everyone needs in the summer - sunscreen, lotions, nail polish, etc.  It isn't a glamorous gift but we can both appreciate practicality.

To wrap it up, I recycled a shopping bag that miraculously didn't have a logo and added a handmade tag.  I think the stamp set for this is from Fancy Pants.  I bought it ages ago from Peach Cheap and haven't used it that much.  To do the wave, I stamped in Versamark and then used chalks.

What good gift ideas do you have for long-time (notice I did NOT say Old) friends?  We like celebrating birthdays, but not getting older. :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. That's an excellent gift idea. This year one of my good friends and I (our birthdays are about a month apart) are just going to go to a nice restaurant for dinner in between our birthdays and treat ourselves. It does beat just buying things that the other person may not need.

    Your tag is cute and goes with the gifts!


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