Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Take care of yourself

I wish I could be more like my husband who hardly ever gets stressed about anything.  He just enjoys life and seldom complains.  I, on the other hand, am the one who plans and agonizes.  I tell myself that someone around here has to do that or the place would fall apart.  Still, I wish it didn't have to be me all the time.  The thing is, it is me because it is my personality.

Yet that personality affects one's health.  Learning to relax and manage stress is necessary.  I'm trying a lot of things and one little thing I've found are relaxation videos on YouTube.  Yes, you can find most anything on YouTube these days.

Here are a couple I like that take just a few minutes to decompress:

Guided Meditation

Simple Relaxation

If you search on "relaxation meditation" you'll get a lot more.

Hope you have a peaceful day!

card ingredients:  Stamps: Deco Flowers by Paper Studio and Sweet Little Sentiments by SU!
Cardstock:  Raspberry Fizz by Papertrey Ink


  1. Very pretty card, Lisa, and some good ideas on stress reduction. Stress and anxiety do take their toll on your health, so finding ways to limit them is always good.

  2. Lovely card!! I deal with some of the same stuff around my house. Trying to plan finishing school and a move all in the next year. We both need to finish our Associates before we can move and it is a bit of a challenge. On top of a move across country. LOL!! Without my stressing and anxiety we would never be done with school and move. LOL!!

  3. Hopefully you found this lovely card relaxing to create! I need to relax and chill out more. My husband is also pretty laid back, so I try to follow his lead. Sometimes it even works, lol!

  4. Very thoughtful words and I really should pay attention to them. I'm the same as you! I get stressed out about how I'm stressed out and how that might affect my health.

  5. Great card Lisa & I like the colors you used...TFS!!!!

  6. Your card is so pretty. Such happy colours
    My hubby is the calm one as well, me I take on, not only our stress, but everyone elses.
    When I was having major health issues, I would do a breathing technique while laying in bed and then put on a Relaxation CD (in a discman) and fall asleep...I think it was rain and had one of water on the beach....I think I may need to find them again :)


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