Monday, October 24, 2011

Journal Cover

Covering this journal was one of those projects where I had to really rethink myself.  I started out inspired by a video from Kristina at Two Peas.  She was using various torn pieces of paper and gluing them to a journal cover and then inking.  It was all a very distressed look. I knew I'd want to take some of the randomness out of it to fit my style.  So I started with all green and blue/green papers - my favorite colors and peaceful colors.  I did my tearing and sort of placing of the pieces before I glued anything - fortunately.   It just really wasn't me.

After stepping away from the project for awhile, I knew I could salvage some of the idea and get something that worked with my style but still stretched me a little.  I took some of the torn pieces and stamped them with leaves.  Then I placed them between strips of neutrals punched with border punches - a much more structured look.

The purpose of this journal is to dig into my thoughts and experiences and try to figure some things out. Yoga was recommended by one of my doctors to help me sleep better. I had a yoga therapy session recently and the therapist identified that I have a lot of fear.  I know this, I just don't know where it is coming from.  I have lots of theories but I can't fix or change everything at once.  I might change something that really isn't the problem and make things worse.  Anyway, I need to do some more journaling.

So the cover symbolizing peeling away the layers and hopefully getting some growth (leaves) and some peace (blues/greens).  I like to keep my artistic references clean, too. Ha!

Since I was afraid (there we go again!) that I'd screw up the cover, I glued all these pieces to cardstock.  Unfortunately all these layers got so thick I couldn't wrap the front of the cover to the back so I just had to trim it and glue it on.  It works.  The notebook is large so I can print out my computer journaling and add it to the pages and work in either medium as inspiration strikes.

As always with notebook covers, I'd love to add buttons and thicker embellishments. However, I don't because I want to fold the notebook back and really be able to write in it.  Don't want anything lumpy in my way.

So now it is just a matter of digging into the gray matter.  Paper is so much easier.
Thanks for taking in my rambling tale.

Ingredients:  Stamps:  Summer Leaves by Stampendous
Ribbon:  Stamper's Alley in Mooresville NC
Ink:  Bermuda Bay, Old Olive, Mellow Moss, Kiwi Kiss by SU!


  1. I like your journal cover and how you used it to show the different layers of yourself. That the cover reflects the journey to the peace you want to find within.

  2. I love the layering and how these are tucked in. Lovely symbolism and a very calm, soothing color palette!

  3. Very pretty journal, and I really like the meanings you've woven into it. A journal is a great tool to have, and you've made it yours from the very front cover.


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