Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ribbon Retail Therapy

On our way home from a doctor's appointment on Thursday, we stopped at Stamper's Alley in Mooresville, NC.  They are one of my favorite places to shop for ribbon.  Here are some of the pretties I picked up.  With all the lovely choices, I was happiest to find that tiny black and white gingham.  I had a roll of it from Stampin' Up! that I'd just used up. It really is just the right touch for so many cards.

There are a lot of nice textures here, too so I look forward to putting them to use.

Do you have any crafty plans this weekend?  I hope you are not in the path of Hurricane Irene.  She has made her first landfall a little weaker than expected but this is still a huge storm.  We are getting a little breeze today and we are an 8 hour drive from the Outer Banks.

I've got so many projects started; I'm not sure what to work on.  One night this week, I put all my travel pages from a couple of trips into one album and really figured out what I need to finish - two, I think, for California and one for this year's Hilton Head so those will probably be next.  I have the photos printed.

For the Explore class, I worked on prepping some photos for a project for my Mother.  I'd like to add a few more photos to my upload before having them printed so that is another weekend possibility.

And yesterday, I knocked some interlocking wire shelves that hold all my cardstock off their base so I'd better do something about those too.

For now, I'd better go feed my husband.  He's an amazingly patient man but he does get hungry.

Hope you are dry and safe.

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