Sunday, August 14, 2011

Girls' Weekend 2002

"We're not much into shopping." or something to that effect was a surprising statement I heard from my friends when we first arrived in Gatlinburg for a girl's weekend in November of 2002.  It was a statement we constantly mocked the rest of the weekend.   We hadn't even gotten to a restaurant for lunch before I heard "I want to go in here" at a shop we passed and the shopping began. 
My parents used to own a condo in Gatlinburg and I occasionally took a group up for a long weekend.  I loved sharing my favorite restaurants - Calhoun's, the Applewood in Pigeon Forge and Sweethearts old fashioned ice cream parlor.  No one ever believes me that you have to be at the Pancake Pantry no later than 7:00 a.m. or you will wait in a long line.  The photo of the ladies in front of the line was after we had eatten.  All those other people were still waiting.

Journaling reads:  
I love showing people all my favorite spots in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. My Siecor friends joined me for a long girls’ weekend.  Upon arrival, we gathered in the living room of my parent’s condo and I told them about things to do.  I asked when they wanted to go to Pigeon Forge to shop.  They looked at each other and finally someone bravely said, “I’m not that much of a shopper.”  Everyone chimed in their agreement.  They didn’t plan to buy much.  We then drove to Calhoun’s for lunch and didn’t even get to the restaurant before some shops had snagged their attention.  By the end of the trip, it took a long time to get everything we bought stuffed into our vehicles!  We joked about how we weren’t really shoppers the entire trip.
But that isn’t all we did.  We took the trolley tour of the holiday lights and we…

We had a lot of fun and I just couldn't cull out any more photos so the layout with 14 photos has little room for embellishment.  It does meet the "before 2011" challenge at  I'm also working through a collection from Fancy Pants this weekend.

Be sure to visit Shimelle.  She is hosting a scrapbooking weekend with lots of prizes. Many of the challenges go on for a few days so you can work on them all week.

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Ingredients:  Fancy Pants Roadshow


  1. love this layout. that oval picture just sets it off. can't wait to copy this one!

  2. Now that is my type of girls get :)
    Your layout is fantastic. I really like how you put all those photos in. Sometimes you just need them all :)

  3. Any weekend about a girls weekend is right up my ally. What a fun memory!

  4. Wonderful layout and looks like a fabulous weekend, too. Very funny journaling, and I love how many photos you were able to incorporate!

  5. That's a great way to put many photos onto ne page it's great :-)


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