Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TIPsy Tuesday - Panorama in PSE

Do you have photos that could really be put together?  Ones that look like this:
But you would really like them to look like this?

Here is how to create a panoramic photo in Photoshop Elements.  The instructions are for version 9; however I was previously using version 5 and it is similar.

1.  Open files you want to join together in Photoshop Elements Editor.
2.  Choose File, New, Photomerge Panorama
3.  The following window will appear:

Click on Add Open Files.
4.  Click OK.
5.  The last prompt will ask you to fill in the open edges.  I usually choose No.  You can experiment and see if PSE creates something you want around the edges.
6. Then crop as desired.

There is a layout coming along with this photo.  I'm just not quite finished yet.

Thanks for joining me today!

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