Tuesday, October 5, 2010

TIPsy Tuesday - Tilted Magnetic Mat

A couple of months ago I started having some awful neck and shoulder pain.  It is much better now after time and many adjustments to the way I do things.  My crafts were not the cause of the problem but they did contribute to the aggravation while it was going on.  Tilting my head down was a particular problem. 

During this time I noticed on some Internet videos the Basic Grey Magnetic Mat being used for scrapbooking and card making.  It was positioned flat on the work surface.  Yet, I wondered if everything was held on with magnets, couldn't I tilt it so that it would be easier to see and reach the items I was working on?

The solution my husband and I found was to clip the mat to a board attached to hinges that would allow me to tilt it up.  The components are:

  • Basic Grey Magnetic Mat kit including 8 magnets and magnetic ruler - available through or Two Peas in a Bucket.
  • A piece of masonite cut 15"x15".  Any firm board will work.
  • Two 8" triangular hinges - available from Lowes Hardware
  • Two bolts to attach the hinges to the masonite.  Be sure to countersink the screw heads into to the board so you have no lumps beneath the mat.
  • Two binder clips to hold the mat to the masonite.  I didn't want to attach it permanently.  This way I can take it off and use it directly on a work surface.  The mat also works as a cutting mat and I would probably want it flat for cutting.  I still have my regular cutting mat available.
  • Two small dowels cut to a length that will achieve the desired angle.  I just bought a dowel rod from Lowes when I got the hinges.

I really love this system for scrapbooking!  With the ruler and all the edge markings on the mat, I can line up letters, photos and embellishments easily on my scrapbook pages.

The magnetic mat is a great tool even if you want to just use it flat and not tilt as I have.

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  1. nice job...kudos to your hubby for making this for you.


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