Thursday, June 17, 2010

Photo Procrastination

I'm so, so bad at procrastinating on photos.  I see a great photo op and think, I'll get that later.  The last few days we have been staying in Valle Crucis in the North Carolina mountains.  As we frequently drove through the lush, picturesque valley, there was a particular barn I wanted to photograph.  Horses would graze near the barn that was adorned with a large painting of a sawtooth star quilt.  One day, I saw it and thought I ought to stop and take a photo.  But, like Scarlett, I thought I'll do that tomorrow.  When tomorrow came, I had to go out of our way to go by the barn and there was the barn, the horses and a horse trailer - parked right in front of the painted quilt.  It totally ruined my perfect photo!  I have no one but myself to blame.  Do you ever pass up the perfect photo thinking you'll get to it next trip? 

I did get this photo of another barn with a painted version of a hooked rug.  Cool, right? 

If you want to vacation, check out the rentals at  We stayed in 2's Company which is what I would call a deluxe moutain cabin - sunken jacuzzi tub, hot tub, pool table, gas grill, satellite TV, every ammenity.  Hiking, biking, beautiful scenery and a marvelous anniversary dinner at Sorrento's in Banner Elk.  Below was my favorite spot in the cabin - a super soft loveseat upstairs under a skylight.  I curled up and read a sweet novel called Practically Perfect by Katie Fford - no phone, no e-mail, no cooking or work - heaven!  It was just a delightful trip!

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  1. your mountain retreat sounds like such a marvelous getaway lisa-my hubby would love it-he is into mountain retreats-I'm more of a beach girl-we do manage to find middle ground


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