Thursday, May 6, 2010

Quilt Blogs

On my blog's one year anniversary, I thought of some things I'd like to do more of regarding blogging.  One thing was to find more blogs about other interests besides papercrafting.  I love, love papercrafting but I also enjoy quilting, reading, cooking, and travel.  So I have sought out a few quilt blogs.  Here are a some favorites:

Amy's Creative Side - hostess of a semi-annual on-line quilt festival -
Quilt It - Marit is also a cat lover as well as a devotee to beautiful fabrics -
Sew Girly has a focus on vintage fabrics -

I'm sure there are many more to explore.  The thing I'm most loving is how many beautiful quilts I see with simple designs.  Great fabric + a simple design = A completed beautiful quilt.

As for my own quilting, it hasn't gone very far. I did make one LWR quilt and have another ready to tie.  My 1930's reproduction quilt is at a stand still. I attempted to get organized a few weeks ago so I could quilt on weekends.  Typically when I'm making window treatments for clients, my quilting is set aside.  I devised a simple system to allow me to switch over to my stuff on my own time.  Well, it seems simple.  The problem is I just get caught up in other stuff.  I figure the next real motivating factor will be weather. My papercrafting space is upstairs where it gets a little warm in summer.  The sewing area is in the basement - heaven in July.  So sooner or later, I'm going to be like my kitty cat Jasper and the cool basement will be calling for my off hours, too.

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