Tuesday, August 11, 2009

TIPsy Tuesday - Paper Storage

I've let the day nearly get away. Today, I've finished up cards for a class and actually made cards to send off to people in my life who have events coming up - the real reason for doing this engaging hobby in the first place.

However, I didn't completely forget about Tuesday's tip; just no time for photos. So let's talk about paper storage. I've tried all kinds of systems and what I keep coming back to are the clear 12x12 paper storage envelopes by Nicole. They have string closures. I get them at AC Moore for $1.99 each. Stampin' Up! also sells a similar product. I admit that I haven't tried them; I've had the others for years.

Envelopes are preferable because you can store not only the full sheets in fairly large quantities but also all those little bits you save from projects. And these clear envelopes are great for projects in process.

I put several paper colors per envelope - usually at least 3 or 4 from the same color grouping; i.e. Earth Elements, Soft Subtles, In Colors, etc. I create a label on the outside of the envelope with the color names in that envelope. Then I store all these one of those multi-shelf paper storage systems you can buy at the craft stores. I keep the Neutrals, In Colors and current designer papers on top. Then in the next section I have all the basic colors with past In Colors and discontinued designer papers on the bottom. Typically there are two envelopes per shelf.

This system works for me but I'm always looking for more ideas on paper storage. Feel free to leave comments. Thanks.

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