Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Favorite Things

Recently I took an intro class at This site was started by Stacy Julian former editor of Simple Scrapbooks magazine - my fav that ceased publication earlier this year. The class called " Start Here, with Stacy" is an introduction into what their philosophy is at Big Picture Scrapbooking, an on-line training site. I've also signed up for a couple of other classes.

In this first class, Stacy has you take a quiz where she asks lots of questions about what kind of products you have then what kind of scrapbooking you do. I don't want to reveal the punch line to this but you figure it out pretty quick and it is enlightening. It made me think about some things I've been meaning to scrapbook for awhile now and some things I'd never even considered capturing. One of the questions in the quiz gives points if you have ever scrapbooked your favorite possession. It is hard to nail down my absoloute favorite but I can give you the top 5 or so.

What are the things you would grab if you only had 5 minutes to vacate your home? I can tell you this, it couldn't be clothes - unless I wasn't wearing any, i.e. just got out of the shower. We actually had to do this a few months back when there was a tornado supposedly right on top of us. Nothing ever touched down but I grabbed my stuff and headed to the basement. My list: my scrapbooks - as many as I could carry, my grandfather's pocket watch, my grandmothers' and my husband's mother's quilts, as many as I could pile on my husband, one set of decorative figurines and my laptop. While I wouldn't want to lose all my other stuff, those are the irreplaceable objects. Ok, maybe not the laptop but it would be a hassle and it was right there for easy moving. Unfortunately, furniture couldn't be moved so easily and there are a few items I'd hate to lose.

So when I decided to do a page on at least one of my favorite things it was easy to pick out a quilt that had great sentimental attachment as well as great beauty. This quilt was made by my Dad's mother and I captured in my page how it came to my possession, my history with it and what it and a little of what its maker means to me. I guess that truly is the "Big Picture."
Ingredients: Stamp set by __
Ink: Ballet Blue by Stampin Up!
Ribbon and button: Unknown sources.

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