Monday, May 25, 2009

TIPsy Tuesday - Versatile Double Rectangle Punch

The nifty little Double Rectangle Punch is easy to overlook in the catalog. I did until I saw an Internet video on how to use it to create a flat bow like the one on the card above (sorry, I’ve long ago lost the link to the video.) You've probably received wedding invitations with these bows. They allow your card or invitation to have a bow without the bulk.

And here are photos on how to create a flat bow:

Punch a hole with the double rectangle punch.

With the front side of your paper facing you, thread one end of ribbon into each of the two holes.

Turn the card over and cross the ends on the back.

Feed the ends back through the opposite hole each came out of. Voila! You have a beautiful bow.

Just trim the ends as desired.

Hint: If you are using a double sided ribbon like this Kiwi Kiss/Vanilla, have the ribbon wrong side up (vanilla side) in step on to get it to come out right side up (Kiwi) at the end.

Now here are some other fun things to do with this punch:

I used it in this basket to punch the holes to feed the ribbon through. It made holding the sides of the basket together super easy:

On this card front, I’ve used the punch at evenly spaced intervals to create a weaved design for the strip of cardstock. You could use ribbon, too. You will need to use a ruler or gridded paper to mark your holes before punching. Extra TIP: Those narrow little scraps left from your scallop edge punch are the perfect size to feed through these holes.

One final tip with this punch: If you have a wider ribbon than the punch is designed for (more than about 3/8”), just punch twice. After your first punch, move the punch a little further in or back so that it is still lined up over the edge of the holes and punch again. You can do two punch lengths and the ribbon will work fine. Any more than 2 and your paper will start to get weak in the middle and probably won’t withstand all the ribbon weaving.

For $5.95 US +tax and shipping, this little tool really packs a punch! (Awful, I know but I couldn’t resist. :-)

Ingredients for 3" x3"card: Kiwi Kiss and Very Vanilla ribbon, Rose Red and Cameo Coral Cardstock, Raspberry Tart DSP, Lovely Letters stamp set.

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