Friday, May 1, 2009

Local Paradise

Lenny asked me recently if wisteria bloomed all summer here. I told him that was only on Wisteria Lane on the Housewives. Here we go from vines that look like dead weeds to lavendar blooms in only a couple of weeks. A few days and the vines are just greenery. In the meantime we get one of the prettiest and most Southern rites of Spring.

My uncle built this pergola for my Mother in her backyard about 6 years ago. She planted the wisteria at each post. This year it is just gorgeous and so inviting. Wouldn't you like to sit in that chair all day with a good book? She wanted to sweep up the lavendar blooms scattered on the rock floor but I wouldn't let her. They just make it all the more charming.

Her flower gardening has become her passion in retirement. I'm so proud of her for all she accomplishes in bringing more beauty into the world. It is amazing how she has transformed their ordinary yard into such a beautiful spot both front and back. These are just a few of the yards of pansies edging the front of the house.

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