Tuesday, June 2, 2009

TIPsy Tuesday - Card Record

Do you have a bulging stash of cards but can't part with them? There is a simple way to keep your beautiful creations and share them with others. Take photos!

I often hate to part with my cards. I've put a part of myself into each creation but I can't keep them all and I really don't want to. I make cards to share with others. My simple solution is to take photos of cards and store them in a designated folder on my computer. To do this, just create a folder called My Cards under the folder My Documents. Whenever you make a card or when you get ready to send one, just snap a photo. Everytime you download photos, drop the card photos in the My Cards folder.

Three bonuses to this method:
  1. Whenever you need inspiration for future cards or if you are just stuck, browse the My Cards folder. It will give you a smile to see all the beautiful things you have made.
  2. You have a record of cards you made for different people. You can rename a photo with the person's name. Example: AmandaBday09.jpg for Amanda's Birthday card for this year.
  3. You gain space in your stash!

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