Friday, May 23, 2014

Childhood Playground

Today's LOAD prompt is to scrap about your playground as a child.  This is a coincidence as I actually made this page yesterday but couldn't get it uploaded because of Internet problems.

The page captures what my parents business was like.  The wood background paper from Simple Stories represents the exterior look for the building.  I have a very small view of the outside in the Polaroid.  Unfortunately, I have no photos of the interior so I turned to memorabilia to help tell the story.  I used crackle paint found at Michaels (where they keep the Mod Podge) to finish the word SHOP for a rustic look.

Finding memorabilia was tricky too as I don't have anything from the time period.  I think somewhere - probably in the attic - I have some old sales tickets and business cards.  What I would love to have are some products - '70's vinyl wallpaper and shag carpet come to mind.

Instead I turned to my own stash of samples from when we built our house and took a couple of things leftover from my window treatment business - a drapery weight and pin.  My parents also sold draperies in the early years.  They did not make them but sold and installed so the items I have are somewhat different but I did have these couple of things everyone in the business uses.  I played with drapery accessories in the storeroom when I was in elementary school.

To contain all of this, I cut envelopes on the Silhouette.  The journaling is on tags a bit in each pocket. I talk about my play in the storeroom, wandering up and down the aisles when no one as around making up characters or recreating TV shows in my mind.  I remembered friends coming to visit and playing in the shop and warehouse, too.

I even had a sleepover once in high school where several of us 'slept' in the section of the store with the most padded flooring.  My parents had an intercom system for the shop so this room was also furtherest from the intercom.  Even so I doubt they got much sleep with a bunch of teenagers gabbing and laughing late into the night.

The page process is in this video:

If, like me, you are missing photos of things you would like to scrap, check out the No Photo?  No Problem!  PDF available here.

These kind of pages take some time but I don't mind as they contain so many good memories.  Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Great page! The crackled title is a fabulous touch!

  2. I love the interaction of your page.
    Great little pockets filled with goodies, they are like little treasures from your past.
    Great page

  3. Wonderful layout, Lisa, love the filled pockets!

  4. Love Simple Stories papers, and I am so jealous of your childhood "playground." I would never have come out of there! I have my grandmother's old button tin that I used to play with. I would take the buttons out one by one and match colors, sizes, shapes, etc. I can't imagine what I would have done with a whole shop filled with goodies. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great way to capture your memories in a layout.


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