Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Little Notebooks

On a really busy day recently, I knew my only time to craft was going to be early in the morning. Typically, I clear off my worktable at least some before starting a new project.  On this morning, if I took time to clear up and then select materials for my next project, my time would be up.  So I played the 'use what is on your worktable game.'  This is a bit of a challenge for me.  I like to pick through my stash.  But I resisted, well, mostly.

These little composition notebooks are from the dollar store.  I covered them with some Webster's pages 6x6 paper.  I got my covers a tad small so filled in the space with Washi tape which wasn't on my table but very close by.  The embellishments were things that were all out.  The only cheating I did was to pull out a new-to-me MME stamp for adding a little something over the Washi tape.

For the back side, I used stamps on my table from Define Your Life by Stampin' Up!

Getting these done was a great way to start the day.

Thanks for spending some of your day here.

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  1. Lovely covers! Way to make good use of limited time. I signed up for your scrapinar. Sometimes Lain's software doesn't work right for me, but I can always watch the replay.

  2. You have done such a great job!! I love it!!! :D

  3. Supercute notebooks - love what you have done! : )

  4. I love these notebooks Lisa-will have to think about picking some of these up to do a little altering. It's a great gift idea

  5. This is a beautiful notebook! Love how elegant it came out.

  6. It is so fun to alter these little notebooks, and it makes them so much prettier to use :)
    Great idea to use whats right in front of you...less to put away later,teehee.

  7. Love making altered comp books. These are awesome.


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