Thursday, May 9, 2013

Glass Art

Wow, that is a wonky looking photo, isn't it?  Anyway...

We get many of our outing or date day ideas from the NC Weekend program on PBS.  Last year they led us to an art glass show.  We visited 3 galleries and then one private exhibit that was by far the most interesting.  We didn't take photos there as it was in a photographer's studio so we didn't think he would appreciate us taking photos of his photos and glass collection. He had at least 4 cats weaving in and out of everything.  Cats and a glass collection?  Well, it seemed to work.  We really enjoyed the afternoon.

For this page, I did two NSD challenges.  I was inspired by a Garden Girl at Two Peas.  I picked Wilna Furstenburg and one of her layouts from her Art Class where she did lettering using modeling paste.  I used heavy gel instead that I attempted to color a light gray.  It got quite a bit darker when it dried I suppose because the gel actually dries clear so the 'white' goes away.  I added a touch of black paint, lots of Tinsel Colorshine mist, and a bit of Perfect Pearls for extra shine.

The page also fits Shimelle's 'use your mist' challenge.  The colors painted on the background are all mists.  One tip, if you use mist as paint, use old brushes.  It really stains the brushes.

Thanks for visiting today!  Both Two Peas and Shimelle's challenges go through Sunday night so check the out. Lots of great chances to craft and maybe win a prize.


  1. I love the technique you used for your title work and how the paint complements your photo so nicely!

  2. thank you for stopping my and leaving me a lovely comment today. I thought i'd pop across and say Hello.

    This layout is fantastic. I love how the mists replicate the glass in the photo...brilliant!

  3. Wonderful layout. Love all the bright colors

  4. I love how your colouring behind your title turned out, and how well it goes with your background paper.

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  6. Oh my cats and glass art :0
    Your layout is lovely. I like how you mimic the colourful glass art with your colours strips.

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  8. Wow... awesome page. I love the background paper and the title treatment. They make your wonderful photos shine.


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