Sunday, May 5, 2013

Last job?

A couple of months ago, we installed what may be my last window treatment job.  Then again, I haven't sold any of my machines so...

Right now, I'm quite happy to be out of the business.  It was an anchor in my life for 16 years and I made lots of wonderful friends.  It was rewarding to create beautiful things for my customer's homes.  The photos on this page are taken at a customer's home where we did practically every room over several years.  I loved this part of my job and it happened frequently. I'd do a room or two and then a year or so later, my client would call and want to do another room and so on.  You get to know people, know what samples to take and what designs they will like or not.

For these rooms, I did pinch pleat draperies in lovely fabrics on decorator rods.  It isn't a complicated treatment but very classic which suits the style of this home.

There was an irony to this day.  My mother was in the window treatment business when I was young and had advised me over the years about fabric choices.  However, she had never been on an installation with us.  On the morning of this last one, I woke up and twisted around pulling a shoulder muscle (a repeated injury or so I thought.)  I needed help so I called her and she came up and put in pins and did some lifting for me.

Another irony is that my shoulder cleared up nicely before the day was over but my legs were awfully sore by the next morning.  I'd run up and down ladders all day marking and taking measurements to keep both her and my husband busy.  I'm kind of glad I never got jobs big enough to have two helpers on install day :-)

The page is for the Counterfeit Kit Club blog's NSD challenges.  I started by assembling this kit.

Then I took a challenge to create a page with these elements:
stripes and dots, book page, packaging, pen work/doodling, labels, craft knife, circles, buttons, song title or lyrics, handwriting, journal on note paper, diary entry, journal in several places

The bold ones are the ones I put onto my page.  Not too bad getting that many in on one page.

The book paper is from a 1950's sewing book I bought for art projects.  This page was so perfect, I only added some pen markings (per the challenge). The line drawings aren't the same as what we installed.  I'm sure my client is glad I didn't put 1950's draperies on her window!   They are close enough to add a little fun touch to the page.

The background paper is an old one from Bo Bunny.  I chose the damask and added flourishes because of my client's very traditional home.

ETA:  I forgot to say that the sketch on which this layout was based was also part of the NSD challenge.

Thanks for visiting!   Did you get to play on National Scrapbooking Day!


  1. Love the question mark on your title... you never know where another job might come from! lol You are sooo talented in so many ways... glad your scrapbooks show that! Kathi

  2. wow I love the layout. It is interesting meeting customers but your job sounds like lots of hard work.

  3. This is a great thing to capture. Big life changes need to be recorded and I had a big one of my own last year. I like the design page with all your notes - looks great

  4. great layout Lisa and I just love reading all the story behind it

  5. Amazing job capturing and documenting this part of your life! The colors are absolutely perfect for your photos and memorabilia!

  6. I absolutely loved how you documented these "real life" moments in such an engaging way! Thanks for reminding me that it's important to document all types of events and not just the fancy vacations. I thought this was a very cool merging of occupation, life, and crafting.

  7. Great layout. Thanks for sharing the story, too.


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