Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Project Life Page with Stamped Background

Back to Project Life this week with a page about early spring days.  I created a sketch based on the size photos I was printing.  I like the sketch; however, I didn't really like  it with these particular photos.  These were taken the first week of April when it felt like Spring had finally arrived.  We had camellia blooming, were taking walks and just getting outdoors some, finally.  I wanted a softer look than all the lines I'd included in the sketch.

So instead of the stitching lines on the corners, I've used some stamped leaves and flowers that match one of the Pebbles Family Ties papers on the page. Also, to keep it all light and springy, I went with yellow as a contrasting color rather than the red in my husband's shirt - which is sort of a pet peeve of mine.

(Coincidentally while this video was uploading, I was cleaning out his side of the closet.  I'm back to it this afternoon.  When I find that red shirt, it may get buried far, far back.  I swear he has that thing on every time I want to take his photo and I end up doing a lot of red layouts just because of that t-shirt.  Every other shirt seems to get stained eventually, but not that one.  I don't think he cares about it so much yet he really doesn't want to ever throw away any of his clothes.  I had to talk him into letting me give some sweaters not worn in years to Goodwill.  Oh, well, venting over :-)

Anyway, back to the layout... I colored in the flowers with a 'secret ingredient' you'll see in the video.  I didn't have the right color marker and found something else in my stash that worked out nicely.

The Cricut got a little work on this one, too for some simple embellishment.

Watch at YouTube

Here is the PDF with Sketch and tips.

Back to closet cleaning...thanks for watching today!


  1. Great way to document your life, I really like you layout.
    Great thinking to make a sketch after the photos are developed ;)

  2. Very pretty page. Pictures are great too. Love the color combinations.

  3. What an amazing page! I love the layering. Great sketch. Thanks for sharing your process with us!


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