Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mister Storage

After a healthy splurge on Heidi Swapp Color Shine mists, my mist collection had definitely outgrown its recycled strawberry basket storage.  It was tough to find the colors I wanted in the basket anyway when all I could really see were the lids.

Here's the before:

Here's my after:

To get there...

I looked at the dollar store and at Walmart (really our only choices in a small town) for a spice rack to hold the bottles.  I didn't find one and decided to make my own.  I used styrofoam, some shelf liner I had on hand and lots and lots of hot glue.  The Cricut came in handy as well for decorating.

The 18" long piece of florist styrofoam was the perfect length.  The chest of drawers this sits on top of is exactly 18" deep.  I cut the foam into 3 - 2 1/4" strips.  I googled how to best cut and found a suggestion to run my steak knife over the side of candle to wax it. That did help.  I could have probably been fine with 2" wide cuts.

I glued two pieces on top of each other and a 3rd on the front to create the stair steps.  Originally, I was going to cover all this with fabric and then glue the shelf liner on each 'shelf,' but just cut out the middle man and glued the shelf liner over the styrofoam leaving out the fabric.

I let the shelf liner come out from the front about 2 inches so the bottles in front of the bottom step wouldn't turn over easily.

For the ends, I cut some cardstock to fit and then used the Cricut and the Storybook cartridge for a decorative corner misted with Heidi Swapp Bronze mist.

It isn't fancy but certainly does the job.  I've arranged the bottles by manufacturer and color with the neutrals on the end as I use those the most.

I'd love to hear how you store your mists.  Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. This is such a great idea and looks wonderful!

  2. Love this way of storage! Mine are supposed to be in a drawer, but always end up on my kitchen counter where I use them....

  3. This is an awesome way to store your mists :)
    Great idea :)
    I only have about 5 so I don't have a problem storing them, teehee.

  4. what a creative and practical idea Lisa

  5. That's fantastic. Mine are in a drawer. Truthfully, I rarely use them and I am thinking of getting rid of them.


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