Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cake Cutter

Thank goodness for Shimelle and a sketch of the week.  I'm having a very busy weekend and needed something to help me get in a quick creative fix.  I used her single photo sketch found here.

This photo is from the 90's when I was cutting the cake at a friend's wedding.  Here is my journaling:

It's an honor to be asked to help with a wedding.  I think I should stay at my post and wait on the bride and groom.  They will be here any minute.  Boy, that buffet looks wonderful.  It's an honor.  Here comes the happy couple!  And the hungry crowd.  Cut faster, cut faster.  It's an honor.  Cut faster.  Keep them coming.  Cut faster.  It's an honor.  Cut faster.  Whew!  What do you mean their is nothing left on the buffet?  It is an honor.

Originally their was to be another lady and I cutting and serving the cake, however, they decided to keep the groom's cake for the reception and serve both.  So the other lady served that cake and I did the wedding cake.  We both cut and served at record speed!  The bride was amazed at how her guests went through the buffet and the cakes. We all thought that mid-afternoon they wouldn't be that hungry but the food was just too good.

Too late, I realized the perfect title for this layout would have been "let them eat cake."  Ah, well, that is what I get for rushing creative genius :-)

One of the hungry crowd was my gynecologist at the time.  Have you ever seen your gynecologist in a social setting?  He looks at me, looks at Lenny and back at me.  Trust me, IT is Weird!

Anyway, it was a beautiful wedding.  I've been fortunate to participate in many other events with my friends.

For the layout I used Echo Park's This and That from Artfuldelight's May kit.  The Storybook cartridge had some cuts that perfectly matched the design of the background paper.  I tried Glitter Girl's ideas for hand journaling something I normally avoid. I can't say I love to do this but it fit in with my need to do something quick.  I used different colors of ink to distinguish my mantra "It is an honor" from the thoughts going through my head as I served.

Hope you are having a good day.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love every one of your layouts, this one is just as lovely.
    Love your journaling.
    And yes I have seen both of my gyno's out in public. They always ask me how I am, lol.

  2. Another lovely layout! Gorgeous colours and your journaling is fantastic. So funny!

  3. I love the colors and the patterns!

  4. What a lovely layout! Very nice.

    Too funny about the gynecologist! I had a friend that once said the same thing to me about hers. She was in a restaurant when she saw hers.

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