Sunday, January 1, 2012

Savor 2012

Happy New Year! How did you ring in the year? I spent part of my day taking a walk as it is the last semi-warm day we are expecting for awhile.  It was gorgeous out.  My husband cleaned out the garage on New Years Eve to get a head start on his resolution to be more organized.  I didn't even have to ask!  It looks fantastic.  We lead exciting lives around here, I tell you.

As for my resolution, this year it is a word. Until a few days ago, I'd missed the idea of having a single word as your motto, mantra or whatever for a year.  I like this concept as it is so simple and easy to apply to many situations.  The word that first came to mind when I read a post about this was 'savor.'  I often live much of my life thinking about what has already happened or worrying about what is going to happen or what I need to get done.  Not nearly enough of my life is lived in the moment.  So in 2012, I vow to savor more of my life.  When my husband is rubbing my feet, I will not think about what I am planning to cook for lunch the next day.  You know I'm bad off if I can't concentrate on a foot rub.  :-0

Last year, my resolution was to "get moving."  I did increase my exercise level though in a completely different way than I envisioned and not as consistently as I'd hoped so I was semi-successful.

'Savor' fits in with some ideas I have for crafting this year as well. Here are two of my crafting objectives:

  1. At least twice a month, re-use an old Technique, Tool or Product, or Training Resource.  Some of the training resources I have are materials from classes I've taken in the past and old scrapbooking magazines.  So I'll be 'savoring' my existing resources while still using new products as well.

  2. Create at least 2 videos per month for the blog and YouTube.  I'm delighted with the number of subscribers I've picked up via YouTube.  I have 38 and probably had less than 10 a year ago. That doesn't sound like that many but I have to admit I haven't put much effort into it so far.  Imagine how many wonderful people I can connect with if I do a little more video sharing.  All of my videos have been cardmaking and technique so far.  I'd like to do some on scrapbooking.
For my bookmark, I used some older product and a training resource.  In one of Shimelle's classes last year, she had us take scrap paper and organize it into packets for page kits so you could just grab an appropriate one, some photos and start scrapping.  I did the organizing but never really used these for scrapbooks.  They are great though for cards and small projects.  The word Savor is cut on the Cricut with the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge using the end cap feature.  I glued different designer paper behind each letter using spray adhesive. Since bookmarks get a lot of handling, I like spray adhesive or Tombow Mono glue because they really hold up.

Thanks for visiting today!  I look forward to visiting your blogs in 2012 also!


  1. Good word! I like it and it makes me think about appreciating my year even more!

  2. Great word! I could do more living in the moment, too, not worrying about the future. I would love to see more videos, and would really, really love to see more about how exactly you go about making a video!


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