Sunday, January 8, 2012

Savor = Smile

Slowly I'm remembering to 'savor' moments as this is my word of the year.  Each time I do, I find myself smiling such as last night when I was killing time waiting on the debate to come on.  (My husband refers to the Presidential election as his soap opera.)  I found myself staring at the garland still on the mantle and smiling at how pretty it was.  The night before I'd smiled at the night sky and the full or nearly full moon and how the light played on the clouds. Or when I stop to think about people I love, I smile.

This morning I smiled at the sunrise and then remembered to find the camera and catch a photo.  I'm liking this 'savor' thing a lot.

Hope you savor your Sunday traditions.


  1. Beautiful picture, gorgeous sunrise.

  2. Stunning sunrise.
    My family comments on me all the time as I will sit there with a smile on my face....but then again they think I'm crazy, lol.
    When you look at the world differently, it makes you smile :)


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