Monday, November 14, 2011


Is this just a custom in the South or does it happen in other places?  Southern girls often call their father's "Daddy" forever.  My Mother went from "Mama" to "Mother" somewhere in my teens.  It was my idea and it never occurred to teenage me to ask what she wanted to be called.  But I know lots of women both younger and older than I am who still call their fathers "Daddy" not Dad.

Anyway, even today I have few photos of just Daddy and me. This one was taken this summer beside my Mother's beautiful day lily patch.

For the layout, I had all these little hexagon shapes leftover from a honeycomb cut I did with my Cricut last week.  I spritzed them with green ink (Peeled Paint from Ranger and water in a mister).  Then I stamped some of them with swirls and dots in various colors.  I lightly glued them in rows and then stitched in place.  I've seen hearts and circles stitched down like this before.

Now if you are thinking that this giant photo corner might be there for a reason, you would be right.  First I accidentally dipped the corner of the page in an open ink pad on my table.  Oops! I sanded off all the ink with an emory board (a trick I learned from my stamping friend Betsy) but that left the paper a bit distressed. So I thought I'd spritz it with a little Buttermilk glaze from Maya Road.  It wasn't coming out so good so I dabbed some and basically made a mess.  The photo corner is my camouflage.

As many crafter say, mistakes are just a good reason for more embellishment.

Thanks for visiting today!  Tomorrow I have a tip on creating tags.

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  1. This is such a lovely page.
    Yes there are no mistakes in creating, just reasons to be more creative.
    I had 2 dad's and I dont think I called them daddy unless I wanted something, lol.


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