Monday, September 26, 2011

Eschew the Chew

Hi! I'm on my soap box again today.  I promise to be brief and not do this often.

Today, ABC premieres The Chew in place of All My Children.  If you aren't interested in this show, I hope you will join me in being sure your television is off during this time slot (for me that is 1:00 pm Eastern).  The only daytime we watch is General Hospital anyway, but I especially want ABC to know that I have no interest in this new show.

Why?  Sometime before the 2012 fall season begins, ABC Daytime will decide whether to keep the new show The Chew and another show coming out called The Revolution (weight loss) or to keep General Hospital.  They have three hours of programming and will only have 2 hours of time available.  Katie Couric is already taking one of the current hours.  Obviously, I want them to keep General Hospital.

The Chew is supposed to be a food based talk show.  From the previews, it looks like the content is part recycled from things anyone who cooks already knows to completely inapplicable advise.  For example, Daphne Oz (the doctor's daughter) suggests getting fish tacos from your neighborhood Korean BBQ truck. As I told my husband, the day a Korean BBQ truck rolls through our neighborhood is the day I'll watch the forced smiles of the hosts of The Chew.

If you do watch The Chew and don't care for it, please send ABC an e-mail telling them so.  All of us long time daytime drama fans thank you!

Thanks for listening!

Tomorrow I'll be back with a scrapbook page and a tip!

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