Thursday, December 2, 2010

Renaissance day and a love of hats

Normally, I'm not much of a festival goer.  Mostly they seem to be craft fairs with a little music in the background and odds and ends food stuff. 

I'd heard about the Renaissance festival years ago when a friend and I took a landscaping course at our local community college.  The instructor was a passionate participant in the festival which runs several weekends in a row.  He described his costume in detail and made it seem fun.  Still we never went until this year.  The Charlotte Rennaisance Festival is definitely way above other annual Fairs I've been too.  They have permanent buildings set up, about a dozen stages with something going on all day, dozens of people in costume, and actually very good food. 

Here's my journaling for our outing:

Oh, come Ye and turn back time about 500 years or so at the annual Renaissance Festival near Charlotte.  Pick a sunny Sabbath and bring along your merry wench.  It is alright if ye are a bit confused by the speaking and dress of those around you.  They are all just dressed up and having fun.  The Sword Swallower is great entertainment though it does take him a while to get along to the main event.  He’s a charming and rowdy fellow.  If the jugglers are not your cup of tea, try out Zilch the Torysteller.  He tells traditional fairy tales in a silly language and leaves everyone in stitches and a few dollars short of what was in their pockets when they arrived.  Be sure to try the smoked turkey leg which is a mighty handful or a breadbowl of beef stew.  Both are delicious fare.  If you hear a bird calling while you have your dessert, don’t be surprised if it isn’t a manmade bird call.  You can even buy one to bring home and try to fool your completely disinterested feline into thinking there is a bird in the house.  The Jousting tournament will no doubt be last on your agenda.  It is very hot and crowded there in the bright sunshine and pay no never mind to the irritating lass trying to get you to clap and cheer for such nonsense.  Enjoy your full day of fun in the Middle Ages and do not forget to visit the millner before your leave  There just may be a hat in it for you. sold the entire Fancy Pants Road Show products as a kit a few weeks ago.  The colors and tags were great for these pages.  I used one of the journaling tags for my photo below.  I cropped the photo with a circle cutter and put it over the journaling. 

I'm a little wary of posting this photo of me in the witches hat.  I mean, what if I should run for political office some day?   For the record, I just tried it on.  I did no spells or mixed any potions, just posed for a photo.  I didn't even buy it.  (I got a cute 1940's style hat instead.)  So we're clear.  I'm not a witch; I'm just a hat fanatic who has never found a millner she could resist. :-)

I took a lot of photos that day.  Several are displayed in this mini album to resemble a merry-go-round.  I worked and fussed trying to get a cute top cut out and then remembered, duh!, I have the Storybook Cartridge for the Cricut.  So I used a crown image.

Thanks for visiting the 'Renaissance' pages. If you live anywhere in the Charlotte area, I highly recommend this as an outing.  It is on several weekends in October and November each year.  It's fun, the food is good and I loved seeing all the costumes.

Ingredients:  DSP, Stickers, Tags, Ribbon, Brad:  Road Show by Fancy Pants
Cardstock:  Red Riding Hood, River Rock by SU!; Aqua Mist by PTI


  1. I love your mini album with the crown topper-what a great way to add more photos to a layout! We have a Renaissance Fest here in Ohio each fall too. It's a lot of fun! :)

  2. What fun layouts and photos! I've never been to one!

  3. What a fun layout!! My friend works at a Ren Faire- it is fabulous!

    Love the flip photos on the layout!

  4. This looks like a fun day :)
    Cute layout.
    I would vote for you just for wearing that hat, ;)

  5. We have a Renaissance Festival in Michigan every year, but we've never gone. May have to check it out - love your photos and the layout!


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