Friday, September 17, 2010


I can't let the day end without commenting on the end of my favorite television show of all time.  As the World Turns ended its 56 year run today with a lovely episode that wrapped up all the characters lives in a neat package.  I think the show has done a superb job of finalizing all the characters stories, tying up loose ends and paying tribute to their past.

Why did I love ATWT so much?  I've watched this show all my life when given the opportunity.  My grandmother and I used to discuss the show. Since high school, I've seen it live or recorded it every day to watch after work.  It was my stress relief.  No matter what happened to me, I could lose myself for about 40 minutes (fast forwarding through commercials) in the fictional lives of characters I've known forever.  I love a series.  I want to get to know my characters - love them or hate them.  The best characters are those with complex layers you love to hate or love despite all their flaws. 

Over a year ago, I started watching General Hospital figuring ATWT would get cancelled.  I'm enjoying GH a great deal but I don't feel the same connection to the characters.  While their production budget would make a huge dent in paying off the nationa debt and provides spectacular results, General Hospital's 80's style is too rich to identify with.  Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I started watching it and I'll enjoy it as long as possible.

It just won't be the same without ATWT for entertainment.

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